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We’re looking for groups and organizations that share our Vision of an Equitable and Sustainable future.

Partnering with the Cortex Innovation District is an opportunity to amplify your impact. We’re seeking to leverage a collaboration model called “Collective Impact,” which is an intentional way of working together and sharing information for the purpose of solving a complex problem. Given Cortex’s context as a community of residents, employees, business owners, tenants, developers, neighbors, students, and St. Louisans, we need to work together to co-create the vision of a sustainable, regenerative, and equitable Cortex Innovation District.

At the heart of our commitment to being a good neighbor is our shared vision of an equitable future. We believe this makes us unique among other Innovation Districts. It’s also what makes Cortex special. We invite you to partner with Cortex in a mutually beneficial relationship where all parties have shared responsibilities and seek to boost equitable access for everyone.

Cortex would like to partner with you as:

  • A staging ground for community events
  • A proving stage for putting sustainability on public display
  • A backbone organization to serve as a neutral, dedicated intermediary that can provide infrastructure and staff support
  • A convening entity to pull together key community stakeholders
  • A living laboratory that is accessible to all that showcases successes and community partnerships

For more information contact: Colleen Autry, Vice President of District Operations or 314.580.6049