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Health + Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing focuses on strengthening and leveraging social capital in order to foster happy, secure, and productive lives for all.

Ideal Future State

Cortex residents and workers are healthier than the regional average.

Why Important

Health and safety are key contributors to a sense of wellbeing among residents and workers, including crime prevention through environmental design.

Objectives / Targets

  • 100% of construction (renovation, remodel, new) is healthy interior finishes (avoids LBC Redlist).
  • Consider WELL Health Safety Rating as optional certification for all buildings (will vary by Tenant).
  • Walkability and activity is enhanced through the use of signage, events, public spaces.
  • Public safety is enhanced through an “eyes on the street” approach.
  • Incentivize low carbon, healthy, recycled, and recyclable building material use.
  • 50% of food offered within District provides vegetarian and vegan options.
  • 50% of food served within district is locally sourced or organic.


Sensors to track walking, biking, jogging are available, but require installation.


No current baseline for health and wellbeing within the District.

Future Targets

  • 25% increase in walkability within and through the District by 2026
  • 100% of construction avoids cancer-causing chemicals by 2030
  • 100% of food vendors provide at least some healthy, veg options by 2030

Immediate Steps

  • Create survey of tenants for health, walkability, safety.
  • Partnering with Property Managers to discuss security on a regular basis.

Short-Term Steps

Partner with neighbors to increase visibility and perception of safety in and around the District.

Long-Term Steps

Track and report anonymous health and safety goals as guideline for growth.


Health data is protected and only available in voluntary forms, but can be inferred through observation, surveys, and purchasing requirements.