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Food + Nutrition

Food production in the District is encouraged to ensure healthy and affordable fresh food is accessible.

Ideal Future State

Half of all food consumed in Cortex was grown locally.

Why Important

Fresh, healthy food contributes to better health outcomes, along with reduced exposure to toxins and pollutants.

Objectives / Targets

  • 20% of each public open space is set aside for either: urban agriculture, native grasses, edible landscapes, or pollinator gardens.
  • Healthy and affordable fresh food is accessible to everyone.
  • Food production in the district is encouraged through urban agriculture and CSA partnerships.
  • 50% of food offered within the District provides vegetarian and vegan options.
  • 50% of food served within district is locally sourced or organic.
  • Prohibit use of pollutants/pesticides that will compromise urban farming.
  • All district food service to achieve Green Dining Alliance certification.


Purchasing behavior and criteria for procurement.


No current baselines for food.

Future Targets

  • Healthy food options for all by 2026
  • 75% of food consumed is healthy (as defined internally) by 2030
  • 100% of food vendors provide at least some healthy, vegetarian/vegan options by 2030

Immediate Steps

Create initial list of local partners for food sourcing.

Short-Term Steps

Draft RFP for future food vendors.

Long-Term Steps

Coordinate with neighbors on vendors and sourcing.


Cortex doesn’t control the food sold or brought into the District but can convene suppliers and create opportunities for local partners to change the quality of the food sold/consumed.